Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend recovery renewal?
Participation is open to all individuals in active recovery. This can be in recovery from a myriad of circumstances including but not limited to: alcohol addiction, substance abuse, drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction, disordered eating, codependency, grief, trauma, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional families. This retreat is open to all individuals regardless of gender identity, race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or economic circumstance. The hosts of recovery renewal are committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for all of our community members. Intoxication is not permitted. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you please contact us.
I want to sign up! How do I register?

Registration will begin in the fall of 2020. Please join our waitlist to receive a $50 pre-registration discount.
1. Once registration is open you will be directed to complete a registration form.
2. Submit payment 
Please visit our registration page for full details.

Is there a payment plan?

At this time we do not have the resources to provide automated payment plans. If you are unable to pay the full deposit, please contact us.

I want to receive a discount - what is the early bird pricing?

Join the waitlist to receive the $50 CAN discount. Prices will be released in the fall of 2020.

I want to attend but I can't afford it.
We offer registration on a tiered system by accommodation type which provides flexible pricing. If you are of limited income with multiple financial barriers please let us know.
Where do the funds for ticket sales go?

Recovery Renewal has been 3 years in the making. All workshop facilitators receive a form of energy exchange or financial compensation to lead at the retreat. Our main expense is cost of facilities which includes the cost of daily meals. Additional costs include event rentals, event insurance, supplies, promotional materials, administration, and providing honorariums to local elders.

What does registration include?
• A safe space to deepen recovery, gather, share and learn together

• 4 days of programming within a beautiful 44 acre, forested, and lakeside setting

• A variety of accommodations throughout the property with private or shared access to showers and bathrooms

• 8 delicious meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners)

• Over 24 hours of facilitated workshops and programming

• Daily morning practices – options include offerings such as: yoga and meditation

• Nightly evening activities, including star gazing, music around the fire, dance temple, and nighttime ceremonies.

• A never ending supply of hot tea and coffee

• Counsellors available during all programming for extra support for any kind of internal struggle or challenge that should arise

• Recreation facilities with outdoor leisure apparatus as well as recreational areas for volleyball, soccer, badminton, and walking/jogging trails.

• Lakeside activities such as swimming and lounging on the beach!

Will I need to bring any money?
While it is not necessary to bring additional funds you may want to bring extra money for snacks, individual therapy sessions, or to purchase an item at the recovery marketplace.
Can I just come for the day?

To get the most out of this immersive recovery we experience we encourage participants to arrive on time and stay the full length of the retreat. Please think of yourself as a valuable part of the safety container whose presence is a big part of the whole experience. If you are not able to attend full programming due to schedule conflicts, please let us know. We are unable to provide reduced costs for those who are unable to attend the full weekend.

Is the programming mandatory?
Absolutely not! We encourage you to practice self-care (like naps and reading on the beach). If you do plan to go offsite, please let a host member know. We ask that you do attend all meals. Workshop attendance is optional but of course, encouraged.
Is there first aid on site?
In addition to an on-call nurse, we also have designated first aid attendants in the event of an emergency, or if someone gets a scrape on the knee from a heated round of volleyball.
What do you look for in a facilitator?
Our main vision for workshops offered at the retreat are recovery based therapeutic modalities. This year we have focused on: creative expression, earth based spirituality, recovery education, intuitive development, empowerment, body acceptance, yoga, movement, meditation, and non-duality. We look for those who have professional and personal experience, combined with a passion for recovery and healing.


Please Keep in Mind

  • This is a recovery oriented and sober event. Intoxication is not permitted. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Anyone under the influence will be asked to leave the premises.
  • There is limited wifi and cell phone reception so please plan accordingly.
  • This is a leave no trace event. Pack out what you pack in. Garbage, compost, and recycling bins are also readily available.
  • This is a co-ed event with gender specific residences.
  • Room selection is provided on a first registered, first served basis.
  • Couples who wish to stay together will need to book a Lakeview building unit.
  • We love the four legged, but please leave your pets at home.
  • Feel free to explore this incredible land, but use common sense.
  • Workshops, facilitators, retreat hosts, and counsellors will be introduced Thursday evening during opening circle.
  • If you are used to using a cell phone or a computer on a daily basis this may be a great time to take a few days away from the machines.

While this retreat is open to anyone in active recovery and we support multiple recovery pathways, it is not a replacement for
addiction treatment, psychiatric, or medical care. If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you, please contact us.

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As we prepare to host the first of what we hope to be many recovery renewal retreats we are in awe of the support we have received from our community to make this happen. We are passionate about providing accessible and diverse recovery solutions. We have designed the Recovery Renewal retreat as a pathway for deepening and enhancing recovery.

Recovery as defined by Sacred Recovery: the return of something that has been lost; a sacred art; rigorous honesty with self and others; to live with integrity a positive and creative live filled with endless possibilities; the re-discovery of oneself; to experience the magnificence of one’s spirituality and the power of virtue in one’s humanity; to embrace fellowship and contribute to community.

In gratitude from your hosts : Lisa + Lucy